Steven Leonard is a lead faculty member at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, a Functional Movement Specialist and Meditation Teacher Trainer and educator. His aim is to support individuals to have a deeper connection physically, mentally and spiritually. Whether you are looking to relieve chronic pain, reclaim your true body, train for your first 5k or marathon, Steven’s guidance will help you feel strong, balanced and free.

Steven is a sincere student and influenced by Lorin Roche, PhD, Sudhir Jonathan Foust, and Tom Myers. He is also an outdoor enthusiast, amateur sushi chef, and cares deeply for his family.

There is a time for being in motion, there is a time for being at rest—Tao Te Ching

flex your body, free your mind


Private Meditation Coaching

Create a meditation practice that is natural, healthy, and satisfying. You don’t need to empty your mind, you only need the willingness to trust your instincts and love what you love.

KriPalu Workshops & Trainings

Join me at one of the most established wellness centers. Whether you are ready to take the leap into a yoga teacher training or you want to relax and renew, click here to find out more.

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1:1 Functional Fitness Training

Feel good in your body again by discovering a plan that is just for you. Reclaim vitality and strength by experiencing movements that will keep you healthy for a lifetime.


Private Meditation

Why meditation?: Meditation is wonderful and easy, when you develop a style that fits your nature. There are millions of people trying meditation each year, but so many are confused about how to create a practice that is healthy and satisfying. You don’t need to sit still, you don’t need to empty your mind, you only need the willingness to trust your instincts and love what you love. 

Instinctive Meditation was created by Lorin Roche PhD. Lorin has been meditating since 1968 and has helped thousands of people find their unique way of meditating. This approach is a way of learning meditation so that it becomes the most natural thing in the world for you - a chance to rest deeply, reclaim your love of life, release tension, and emerge refreshed after a few minutes. Instinctive Meditation is grounded in the ancient yoga tradition and in the last 50 years of modern scientific research on the physiology of meditation.

How private meditation works: I work with individuals over the phone and in person. I offer a two-month private meditation coaching package, where you will receive six one-hour sessions. To schedule a free sample call click here and send me an email.

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Functional Fitness

Why functional fitness?: If you don’t use it you lose it. As a child, you had a natural sense of play, movement and exploration. You tend to lose those abilities as you age and succumb to a more sedentary lifestyle. Functional fitness aims to keep your body happy and healthy, so you can keep doing the things in life that you love. All functional fitness exercises are designed to keep or re-establish your physical strength, fluid movement, and decrease chronic pain and injury. Your body is unique and complex, and needs a customized plan to address your personal challenges and goals. Why wait any longer?

How 1;1 functional fitness training works: I train individuals at their homes or at local health clubs in Berkshire County, MA. I offer a 10-session functional fitness package to begin. To schedule a free consultation click here and send me an email.


Upcoming programs


Meditation Fusion Five Teachers, Five Styles

June 12–14, 2020

For all levels.

Meditation is a vast tradition that includes various intentions, techniques, and perspectives. With so many options available, it can be hard to make sense of it all and find a style that works for you. The key to a satisfying meditation practice is to discover the approach that truly fits your life.

In this program, you can experience five different meditation methods with five diverse experts, and learn what is unique about each and what they have in common. Come explore

  • Instinctive meditation with Steven Leonard

  • Insight meditation TBD

  • Crystal bowl sound meditation with Carlos A. Perez

  • Kundalini meditation with Amanbir Singh

  • Qigong with Nina Henrickson

Find out how your meditation practice can be as unique and dynamic as your life.

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The Meditating Brain

September 2020

For all levels.

Science is beginning to uncover the mysteries of meditation and how this ancient practice can benefit both body and mind. With the help of modern technology, we can gain an understanding of how our conscious experiences are shaped and how meditation can help change them for the better.

Come explore simple meditation techniques, learn about cutting-edge research on how meditation affects the brain, and hook up to an EEG headset to see your brainwaves.

This program includes

  • Instruction in four types of meditation

  • An introduction to the cognitive neuroscience of meditation

  • Live demonstrations of EEG and other biodata during meditation

  • Current topics in the field of cognitive neuroscience such as learning, cognitive training and neuroplasticity.

In a program where ancient practices meet new scientific findings, discover how your brain changes when you focus and when you flow in meditation.


200-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Trainings

Steven will be leading 4 Kripalu 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2019/2020

2 12-Day Format: December 1-13, 2019 & January 26-February 7 2020

Weekend Format: One weekend a month, January 23-August 23 2020

Monthlong Format: February 23-March 20 2020 & October 15-November 15 2020

Experience the fundamentals of Kripalu Yoga. Our Yoga Alliance-approved 200-Hour Kripalu Yoga certification program trains you to teach safe, fun, and empowering yoga classes, and shows you how to incorporate the wisdom of yoga into your life.

You learn

  • The principles and practices of Kripalu Yoga’s 21 foundational asanas

  • Introductory anatomy and physiology applied to asana

  • Fundamentals of yoga’s rich philosophical traditions

  • Approaches for assisting students

  • Ways to guide students in developing nonjudgmental self-awareness and self-compassion

  • Skills for designing well-rounded classes, including warm-ups, asanas, pranayama, relaxation, and meditation techniques.



I look forward to working together. Email me for more information. Happy Trails.

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