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Kripalu Meditation Teach Training

  • Kripalu Center Stockbridge, MA (map)

Yoga teaches us that the pursuit of inner stillness is actually enhanced by periods of physical activity. As you sink into meditation, asana becomes a tool to embody higher awareness. Meditation and Advanced Asana provides you with the support, practice, and guidance needed to bring all facets of your being into the single focus of samyama.

Using a unique Kripalu teaching methodology that integrates modifications, variations, and hands-on assists, you learn how to make the benefits of meditation and advanced asana accessible to your students.

This module includes

  • Immersion into the core meditation techniques of the Kripalu tradition

  • An integrated practice of postures, pranayama, and relaxation to enhance meditation

  • Simple yet effective tools to access to the meditative states of dharana and dhyana

  • Insight into the broad spectrum of meditation approaches and their benefits

  • Discussion on how yoga and meditation can affect the healing, growth, and transformation processes.

Later Event: July 15
The Meditating Brain