Steven Leonard



There are personal trainers. There are meditation teachers. And there is Steven.

It's all about developing skills, for mind and body. Everyone has strengths and abilities. Every has areas of weakness and vulnerability. The trick is to identify the things that matter most (safety, success, happiness, freedom, responsibility, etc.) and build a practice that supports them. Some start with physical training, building strength, mobility, endurance and balance. Some start with meditation, holding and releasing the reins of the mind. Wherever you begin, if you continue with the process, you'll likely find that the body and mind are intimately connected. There is no mental exercise and physical exercise, just exercise. 

  • Director of Wellness - Berkshire South Regional Community Center

  • B.S. Exercise Physiology - Merrimack College

  • Personal Trainer - American College of Sports Medicine

  • Kripalu School of Yoga Faculty 

  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher

  • Radiance Sutra Meditation Teacher Trainer