Steven Leonard

Private sessions

Personal Training

1 x Week $115 / Session

2 x Week $105 / Session

3 x Week $85 / Session


Personal Training sessions with Steven revolve around your body and your goals. You will receive a comprehensive physical assessment and a customized plan for sustainable success. Sessions can be very different. Some focus on one specific skill. Some include a wide range of modalities, from kettlebells to yoga poses. Whether you want to release chronic pain, get shredded or have more energy, private training sessions will help, for sure. 

*All packages based on a 3 month commitment.



Personal Meditaiton Instruction

1 x Month $115 / Session

2 x Month $105 / Session

3 x Month $85 / Session

Meditation training is like personal training for your mind. There isn’t just one way to meditate. There are countless skills you can develop to shape a healthy mental state. Meditation is a subtle art and process that needs to be customized to your unique lifestyle and experiences. Even a few private sessions will likely make the difference between struggling with your practice and loving it forever. Thanks to modern technology, these session can happen over the phone, Skype or in person.

*All packages based on a 3 month commitment

Mindbody Package

10% off any combination of personal training and meditation


When you fully commit to cultivating healthy patterns for both body and mind, wellness shifts into a whole new gear. The MINDBODY Package is a progressive 6-month program designed by Steven to help you feel your absolute best. Use meditation and movement practices to cultivate complimentary skills and abilities; stability/fluidity, strength/softness, energy/relaxation, control/surprise. If you’re serious about creating a healthier and happier you, the MINDBODY Package is where it’s at.